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Andi Terry is a metalsmith residing just outside of Austin, TX. When she is not designing, hammering, soldering, forming or making wire, she can be found in the company of family and friends, usually sharing a delicious meal. She has been known to participate in several rousing home episodes of "cut-throat kitchen" and can make a decent ragu. She graduated from St. Mary's in San Antonio, TX with a degree in International Relations, but as with many artists, she realized that her true calling was craft. One day she decided to take classes at Austin Community College and enjoyed the classes and professors so much that she found herself with a certification in jewelry. Since then, she has taken many courses all over the US, trying to build one skill upon the other. In 2016, she finally decided, after much encouragement from family and friends, to sign up for her first fine arts fair, in the town where her journey started.

Austin Community College

Certification and continuing

education courses


Chasing and Repoussage

Nancy Meagan Corwin

Danaca Designs Seattle, WA


Fold Forming

Charles Lewton-Brain


Waltham, MA



Linda Darty


Waltham, MA



Laritza Garcia

Creative Side,

Austin, TX



Victoria Landford

Creative Side

Austin, TX



Mi-Sook Hur

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

Gatlinburg, TN


Eternal thanks and love go out to my beautiful family and dear friends for all the support and good times we've shared throughout the years...

Special thanks to:

Doug Miller- Photographer 

Roane Buster- Webmaster

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